Mar 19, 2016

Police buy 250 boxes of girl scout cookies after woman yells at the kids


  1. Reads like the cops can get scammed in this way too.

    Taxpayers dollars should not be used by a police department for alleged bleeding heart moments. "It" versus "individual officers of the department personally purchased ......".

    Just another poorly written article that lacks proof, specifics, but offers a glimpse of how a police department could get duped.

  2. Where do you get that police officers used taxpayer money? Only you leaped to that conclusion. As police officers, the police do good deeds all the time, with their money. Out of the thousands who read this, only you go off on some anti police rant.

  3. Why did the woman yell at the kids in the first place? I've seen those kids all over doing a good thing & not bothering anyone or getting into any trouble