Mar 18, 2016

No one from Gary Lee Bullock's family or friends in court today

After Judge John Feeney read the introductory jury instructions this morning and the "charging document", opening arguments were presented in the jury trial for Gary Lee Bullock.

Listing the order of witnesses he intends to call, the timeline he intends to finish his part of the casewhich is next Friday, and key evidence supporting charges, DDA Andrew Issac drew a road map for the jurors in the Bullock trial in his opening statement which about 45 minutes.

The jury trial will be in session five days a week; Monday to Thursday full days from 8:30 to 4 and Friday mornings from 8:30 until noon. Court will not be in session March 23, March 30, March 31, April 1 and April 13.

Count 1 murder with three special allegations: infliction of torture, murder committed while engaging in first degree residential burglary and murder committed during carjacking. Count 2 and 3 are both first degree residential burglary. Count 4 Unlawful driving/Taking of a Vehicle. Count 5 Arson of an inhabitated structure. Count 6 is Carjacking and Count 7 is Torture.

Defense chose to reserve their right to make their opening statement after the People have rested.

Fr. Eric's family, his three sisters and one brother in law, two parishioners and St. Bernards present pastor Fr. Tom Diaz attended this morning's hearing.

Several Deputy District Attorneys were in court. No one from Bullock's family in attendance.

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