Mar 28, 2016

"Can I release you from your prison?" is what Bullock told a correctional officer after he was released on New Year's Eve

The last witness today in the Gary Lee Bullock case was senior correctional officer Devin Strong.

CO Strong said Bullock was not in crisis based on his training, he acted "odd" mumbling and talking to himself but was
able to understand questions and respond.

When CO Strong was escorting Gary Lee Bullock outside the jail facility, Bullock muttered something under his breath CO
Strong could not understand. Asked to repeat it, Bullock said, "Can I release you from your prison?"

With a few inconsistencies between the witness testimony and what Mr. Cockrum said in his opening, if you read that post, you have the gist of all witness testimony.

For you regular, detailed oriented readers , check back  for detailed updated post on all defense witnesses later. You will see on cross examination, how effective Mr. Isaac was today in undermining the defense claim to Bullock's mental state.

One such example is about transportation. Mr. Isaac in his questioning brought out that Bullock did not ask for transportation home, and that previously when he had been booked, he found his own way home. Aside from the fact that transportation is not arranged for arrestees, Bullock was not indigent, he refused the phone call he was allowed and said he would find his own way home. These are his own words in a jail phone call he made to his wife.

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