Mar 29, 2016

"In all the hours of recordings you heard, does he ever talk about what Fr. Freed lost.?"

In three responses to questions posed by Deputy District Attorney Andrew Isaac during cross examination, Gary Lee Bullock's step father John Bruno slightly changed his responses after the lunch break. In one instance he answered, something like that about Bullock ingesting PCP; in another he said no to something Bullock had told him in a phone call from the jail and the last one about discussing insanity as a defense, Bullock's attorney, Mr. Kaleb Cockrum objected.

After the defense rested, the People presented DA Investigator John Burke as a rebuttal witness and played four jail phone calls for the jury.

The calls had the exact statements that John Bruno denied flat out or said he could not exactly recall or was not allowed to answer. Bruno told Mr. Isaac twice that he was aware that the jail phone calls were being recorded.

In the last phone call played from September 17, 2014, Bullock tells his mother "drugs change you." He goes on to say, "It changes you. It made me evil."

These are some of the other statements that the jury heard:

Bullock: "When you take PCP, you get freaked out, Dylan gave me PCP."

Bullock: "I don't really care. It is what it is. I'm not going anywhere soon."

His mother responds and tries to console him, "Gary, we are doing everything we can to help."

Bullock: "I have lost everything?"

His stepfather responds, "You made a choice one day to go where you wanted to go. We tried to help you. You made harsh choices.  You chose your own self over everything. You wanted to get high and say fuck everything else."

Mr. Isaac asked DA Investigator Burke, "In all the hours of recordings you heard, does he ever talk about what Fr. Freed lost.?"

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