Mar 25, 2016

Top of the ear torn; " bleeding indicates that he was alive" testifies Dr. Super; Fr. Freed's face so bloodied and bruised that he was barely recognizable

The first photo that the jury saw was of Fr. Eric Freed's head in a "dirty state" before the body had been washed. His face was bruised, battered and bloodied. His head and scalp soaked in blood. There was so much blood that it was difficult to see the wounds clearly or to recognize him.

In a "clean state", there was a close up of his face, "primarily his nose," said Dr. Super. and a deep, bloodied gash on his nose.

Torn ear, bloodied and bruised back, left hand misshapen and contorted, bruisies, abrasions and lacerations from head to toe. Some injuries, Dr. Super said would have resulted in choking, not being able to breathe and blood flow stopped to the brain.

One of the most disturbing photos besides Fr. Freed's face was that of his lips and tongue, and the hole in his tongue. His frenulum was torn. Dr. Super said "by something impacting or being forced into his mouth."

It had been an hour and a half before break and most of the testimony focused on face and neck, some on the spine. After the mid morning break, abdomen, arms and legs were covered.

Several times after injuries were described and photos were shown, Deputy District Attorney Andrew Isaac asked Dr. Super, who responded, "If the decedent was alive, this would be a very painful injury."

While some injuries, Dr. Super was definitive about calling perimortem, for others he could not say for sure whether they were definitely perimortem, he had an opinion; same thing about consciousness or unconsciousness and how long it took for these injuries--he said from a few minutes to several hours.

Dr. Super also indicated if the pipe, the wooden stake or the glass vessel was a likely cause of a specific injury.

The detailed photos and a diagram of Fr. Freed's injuries from the autopsy is so extensive and so horrific; my post on the evidence hearings covers it well.

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