Jun 2, 2018

"The author celebrates the fact that political debates in California involve choices between different degrees of left, with other voices excluded"

 Many who feel silenced and financially targeted in California know what Steve Hilton says about drugs, taxes, crimes and homeless encampments in California is a fact.

California Democrats cater to Silicon Valley and Hollywood instead of the working people. California Democrats, liberals, progressives control this state.

Excerpt below from Hilton's opinion, which includes a reference to Peter Leyden's article.

"And you see it in Brown’s bizarre championing of Proposition 47, which essentially decriminalized the theft of any item under $950. His stance has been a social policy disaster, giving a green light to drug-fueled crime throughout the state.

Above all, Brown will be remembered for his colossal failures on the economy and poverty. California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, the highest level of inequality – and at the same time, the highest taxes.

The cost of living, particularly housing and transportation, is accelerating out of control for working people. It’s no surprise that the number of people moving out of the state has more than doubled in the last three years, with little compensating inward migration. Per capita, California is 46th out of 50 states in attracting newcomers from other parts of the country.

But the most shameful and vivid symbols of Jerry Brown’s failure must surely be the staggering, Third World-style homeless encampments on the streets of California’s big cities."



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