Jun 7, 2018

6,626 ballots were received between June 4 and 6

From Humboldt County Election Office's Kelly Sanders:

"This is an update on unprocessed ballots.  Between Monday, June 4th and Wednesday, June 6th, the Elections Office received 6,626 ballots either over the counter, or through the mail.  We can still accept ballots that are postmarked by June 5th and come to us in the mail by this Friday, June 8th.  These ballots have been sorted by supervisorial district, and I have attached a spreadsheet with the breakdown.

On Election Day, 3,233 vote by mail ballots were received at the polling locations, and 1,263 Provisional ballots were issued.  Voters can turn in their VBM ballot to any polling facility on Election Day.  So while I have a breakdown of the number of VBM ballots turned into precincts by supervisorial district, that doesn’t mean that all of those ballots are for that supervisorial district. "

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