Apr 4, 2016

Defense closing asserts that Bullock killed Fr, Freed in hot, explosive anger."

"The obligation for me is to provide Gary Bullock a defense," is how Mr. Kaleb Cockrum, Bullock's attorney opened his closing argument. "I have done that. The other obligation I have is to ask you to consider both sides."

 "Mr. Bullock in a hot explosive anger killed Fr. Freed," claimed Mr. Cockrum. He said that the "DA and I have very different theories."

The defense claims that "the weakest portion of the People's case is first degree murder and premeditation."

"I will admit that  mental impairment is more relevant than voluntary intoxication. He told Swithenbank that he did meth and heroin but there was no testing done; no drugs were found."


Mr. Isaac concluded his closing and will give his rebuttal tomorrow, after Mr. Cockrum, completes his closing argument.

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