Apr 13, 2016

Best shipping container article on LOCO and new reality show idea for Humboldt, Goff'd


Best write up on this shipping container project, answered all questions, including what the homeless think of this idea.

My favorite part was Living Styles Furniture emoloyee being surprised it was reporters. Would have been revealing if someone the Living Styles Furniture employee disapproved of was wearing a hidden camera or a body camera.

We have booked on LOCO, we have patrolled, which is my new favorite. We should have a new Humboldt reality show,videos on LOCO: Goff'd.

I have suggested it to Hank and Andrew once before.


  1. In Saudi Arabia, many of my fellow soldiers were housed in those shipping containers, referred to as CONEXEs, for CONtainer EXpress. I never stayed in them but stopped by one or two. They seemed cozy enough, albeit a bit crowded.

    Throw some sandbags on the roof and they make a formidable shelter. I believe they're still using them in Afghanistan.

  2. Thanks Fred. That is good information. This may not be the ideal situation or a permanent solution but it beats sleeping on cardboard or the streets with no protection. People who refuse help when there are many resources and efforts bring made, should not complain. There is no religious requirement, animals are allowed, even sex offenders won't be turned away. Insurance, cost of insuring this project, and if anyone steps up is what I am interested in as a follow up.