Mar 2, 2016

Photos of broken window, drain pipe, apparent blood stains on items and bloodied bruised face and body of Fr. Freed admitted into evidence

Former EPD Detective Todd Wilcox now working as reserve deputy for HCSO has been testifying all morning.

Besides court staff, I was the only one in Courtroom 1. No other media present. No one in the audience, a parishioner came in just before the mid morning break.

Starting with photos of the broken window to photos leading to the rooms upstairs in the rectory where Fr. Eric Freed's body was found, broken glass shards, paint chips, pipe rust chips, metal pipes, empty alcohol bottles, and what seem to be blood stains and smears on carpet, in the bathroom as
well in various rooms upstairs to the actual a blood soaked shirt removed from Fr. Eric's body was admitted into evidence drawing the timeline and path of the person who allegedly killed and tortured Fr. Eric Freed.

Mid morning we are up to 68 exhibits for the People ; by noon it was 120 and in the afternoon 121.

EPD's John Gordon testified briefly this afternoon about collection of another Pilsner glass from one of the cabinets in the room where Fr. Freed's body was found. He said this glass was a part of  a set, with at least three other glasses. This was exhibit #121.

He also took possession of fingernail clippings and scrapings under Fr. Freed's nails which  Dr. Super provided to him during the autopsy for Fr. Freed. These were placed in a piece of paper then into an envelope and that was put into a larger envelope, taped and sealed and put in a metal box. It was then sent to Kay Belschner, Eureka DOJ senior criminalist, who did her analysis and sent them to Amy Rojas.

Individual jurors will be questioned this afternoon and for the rest of the week. Due to the sensitive nature of the questioning and case, this will occur in a closed courtroom.

Bullock dressed today in a pinstripe dark blue shirt and black pants sat silently, showing no emotion. He was given paper and a pencil and it remained blank all day.

When his attorney, Mr. Kaleb Cockrum talks to him, sometimes he will respond briefly with a nod or a word. Today, as court resumed after mid morning, he had a slight smile in response to what Mr. Cockrum said.


  1. Thank you for the coverage, I'm following with interest and not surprised that there is no other media. The story is yours go for it.

  2. Thank you Kay. I don't expect the rest of media to be there every day. This is my priority though. I am covering this for Kym Kemp's blog as well. Lost Coast Outpost, Times Standard and Channel 3 KIEM have been there a couple of days this week.

    I am doing my best to cover other cases as well as news.

  3. I appreciate your coverage as a good friend of Father Eric's younger sister who is unable to attend.