Feb 29, 2016

"I will not lose my house over your drug use"

An evidentiary hearing took place this afternoon in the Gary Lee Bullock case.

Video surveillance from St. Bernard's Church, google maps, church blueprints, audio of four phone calls made by Bullock to his grandmother, his wife, Stephanie and his mother, Carol Bruno and step father, John Bruno were admitted into evidence.

A snippet of the phone call with Bullock pleading to his grandmother to bail him out on Jan 7, 2014 was played.

Bullock is heard telling his grandmother he needs her help. He asks her to bail him out and she tells him she does not have the money. He tells her to get out, he needs $120,000 and that she should put her house up.

That is when she says, ""I will not lose my house over your drug use." She says no to him several times in the selection we heard. "If I let you out, you will go back to drugs." Bullock says he won't. She says she has heard that before. Then she says "You killed somebody." He responds, "No, I didn't. I 'll explain it to you."

The dates for the four audio exhibits, Numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6   are January 7, 2016, February 16, 2014, and February 24, 2014.

Although, exhibit number 7, the interview of Bullock at the Eureka Police Department with EPD Detective Ron Harpham and DA Investigators Wayne Cox and  John Burke was identified, how much of that the jury will hear will be decided on March 7, 2016. Defense is objecting to the entire interview, is fine with select portions. Both attorneys will present arguments on March 7, 2016 as well as other motions in limine will be heard that day.

Video recording made from surveillance cameras all over St. Bernard's property, one inside the church, the rest exterior covering the grounds, the rectory, the church, the bathrooms and other buildings which was shown at the preliminary hearing was played, identified and admitted into evidence. The video covers the times between midnight and 7 a.m. on January 1, 2014 and was prepared by DA Investigator Martin Perrone who specializes in computer crimes for the D.A's office.

Evidence Code 402:

402.  (a) When the existence of a preliminary fact is disputed, its
existence or nonexistence shall be determined as provided in this
   (b) The court may hear and determine the question of the
admissibility of evidence out of the presence or hearing of the jury;
but in a criminal action, the court shall hear and determine the
question of the admissibility of a confession or admission of the
defendant out of the presence and hearing of the jury if any party so
   (c) A ruling on the admissibility of evidence implies whatever
finding of fact is prerequisite thereto; a separate or formal finding
is unnecessary unless required by statute.


  1. Isn't Stephanie is Gary's Ex wife now isn't she?

  2. She may be but I have no confirmation of that and since she was his wife at the time of the conversation and referred to as such in court, that is how I reported it.