Jun 8, 2018

Moonbeam has $500 million for efforts to prevent homelessness but $0 and actions to prevent why it keeps growing

"The agreement’s details have yet to be formally released. It includes $500 million for efforts to prevent homelessness, according to a source involved in the negotiations who was not authorized to speak publicly."


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  1. Thanks Jerry, for the new fence around Cal Trans and the new fence at EDD paid for by the California taxpayers...and coming soon all though owned by private company a new fence at Fish and Wildlife and BLM in Arcata paid for ultimately by the taxpayer. What does this have to do with 500 million dollars to combat homelessness? You won't see the homeless on the porch at EDD you won't see the homeless in the bushes at Caltrans you won't see the homeless lounging around Federal installations in Arcata. If you don't see them therefore they don't exist anymore except, oh wait, there they are in private doorsteps and my front yard. Again thanks Jerry, you're a buddy!
    These people aren't homeless they're drug addicts. These fences had to go up because they are destroying buildings causing multi-million dollars in damage and they don't care because they're entitled. Entitled to free needles entitled to free drugs entitled to free food entitled to destroy our buildings and property. We need some cross-border attacks on the drug factories in Mexico until we can get the wall finished! Until then get use to our county and town buildings and my front yard looking like fenced-in fortresses.