Jun 10, 2018

Humboldt has 1,349 nonprofits with an income amount of $804,893,862

(Image: Atlas Corps)

According to TaxExemptWorld, they list 50  out of 58 California counties with non profits and Humbodt is ranked #22.

Number of organizations: 265,678

Reported asset amount : $721,990,471,790

Reported income amount: $375,151,735,064

Humboldt asset amount: $2,504,169,811

Humboldt percentage of state assets: 0.35%

Humboldt income amount: $804,893,862

Humboldt number of organizations: 1,349


1 comment:

  1. It would be interesting to know the Administration cost of each "Non profit".
    When a certain non profit was running around in a $ 80,000 truck and designer clothes makes one wonder about who or what is really benefiting from the non-profit status. My Gross income is very different from my poverty line income. Non profit corporations in my opinion are very sketchy. Just saying.