Jun 13, 2018

David Celli, I didn't know you changed your name to Chris Celli?

First day in court for Dan Squier, factual mistake in a case, I emailed TS and dealt with it privately. Second factual mistake in Mark Wheetley's plea deal didn't call it out. Attorneys notice it too. They are just polite.

It has been months now. This isn't a typo. It is  sloppy reporting by someone who can't remember an attorney's name after months of being at the courthouse;  this despite having Rhonda Parker and attorneys helping him out all the time. Someone more busy trying to chit chat then get basic facts right.

It isn't the first time he has incorrectly printed an attorney's name.

If TS thinks courts are worth covering, send one of the reporters who can actually do a proper job.  Or go back to court reporting via email. At least that guarantees facts and names will be correct.

Then again, TS didn't really care when they misrepresented why Ryan Sundberg wasn't at a Fifth District forum.

This is the kind of "reporting" you get when the same people get recycled from one media outlet to another with no competition for years and no accountability about what they report. Same regurgitating of press releases, day behind in news others have reported and copying coverage they can't and didn't think of themselves.

Both local TV stations run press releases but they also do original stories and when they cover courts, they do it properly.

Online version has been updated.

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