Jun 11, 2018

Charles Wesley Cole arrested for battery, again

Charles Wesley Cole arrested Friday for PC 242, battery. He already pleaded guilty previously to battery in one case and animal cruelty to another case in 2016.

According to HCSO PIO Samantha Karges, Cole was transferred back to the Correctional Facility on Friday from a State Hospital. Criminal proceedings were reinstated on June 11. Bail is set at 50,000.

On June 11, Deputy District Attorney Carolyn Schaffer appeared in court for the People. Conflict Counsel Supervising Attorney Meagan O' Connell was present for the defense. Bail is $50,000.

OR/Bail hearing is scheduled for June 13 at 2 p.m. Disposition and reset is scheduled for July 16 for both his 2016 cases.

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