Jun 12, 2018

Next time a cruise ship is here, they should take the Second Street special

Since the cruise ship had such a good time here with their carefully planned tours of Humboldt, next time they need to take the Second Street special.

It is daily, free and available 24 hours.

Walking pretty much anywhere on Second Street, they can see the "regulars" yelling and screaming. They can see what crazy by drugs looks like. They can watch the trimmigrants and GMOBs walking around town like they own this town. They do. The stench of tobacco and cheap weed, trash, people arguing.

The cars constantly driving by, pulling up at houses, surreptiously looking around, popping the trunk and then driving away.

Instead of a carriage ride, they should take a moonlit walk between 2nd and I and the Adorni Center. They could get their choice of  which of the bushes and night owls they can hang out with: some blasting their radios, some smoking, others diving under the bushes and yelling at people who actually live in the neighborhood, "Who goes there?"

In a shelter, you can't shoot up or get drunk and  stay up all night yelling.

The same people that have taken over the area during the day.  No job, no motivation, but plenty of coddlers to enable them.

They can check out what it is like to live and work in Old Town. Transient and neighborhood  drama from as early as 5 a.m. to all hours of the night. "Fuck you", " I hate you", and other ramblings from people that have nothing better to do all day and all night. Last night, was bonus special . In addition to the constant daily torture, a woman screaming at an EPD officer near 2nd and H. The EPD officer was just standing there being polite. She does not live in the neighborhood but had to yell for over half an hour, making sure no one else had peace who actually lives in the neighborhood. Then she stomped off in the direction of the Adorni.

Today was the twilight special on Second Street. It wasn't the druggies, the transients  the crazies. It was these three stooges.

Anyone recognize these three guys? Don't ever hire the guy with the tie dye shirt. If he has a business. He was just standing around
talking for two and half hours, smoking and yelling "Fuck this", "Fuck that" and just "visiting"  with the other two guys. He was supposed to be fixing something. Didn't see him do a thing.

This is the house the guys wandered over to where the broken window is located.

He is coming back Thursday or Friday to do what? Stand around and yell again?

One of the other guys in the photo lives on this block. The other guy may  live around the corner. One of them owns the blue truck. The problem isnt just today. The problem is that the guy with the blue truck  and his "friends" (who also own blue trucks that are similar) is out a lot,"visiting" on the sidewalk, whenever he feels like it,usually at unreasonable hours. He seems to think the public sidewalk is his home. Standing around, slamming truck doors. Having loud two hour conversations with strangers.

The problem houses in this neighborhood belong to one landlord. Won't name him yet. He is aware of who he is and he knows what the daily issues are with his properties. He has had an opportunity to address this issues; he has not.

He is just one of those generational, self entitled pricks that every neighborhood has and Humboldt is full of. Those who think they own the city and couldn't make it outside Humboldt on their own steam.

Doesn't care who he rents to, as long as he gets his money. Doesn't care that other people live and work and deserve peace and rest not grand central station, 24 hours.

The useless, spineless Eureka City Council, every single person running for re-election needs to be voted out. They do not think or care about  businesses or residents that work and have allowed this city to become a shithole, drug infested, grant dependent town. Who pays taxes? Who pays your stipend/salary City Council?

Not all businessmen but those businessmen, and yes, I use men specifically, who sit around sipping cocktails and complaining  and the "wannabe cops" on the anonymous Facebook pages too damn afraid to use their name and too afraid of their liberal clients  to demand Eureka do something or support those in Eureka that are speaking up, working to improve this shithole.

 As for lawsuits, maybe the hard working citizens need to start suing the lawyers and anyone else who thinks rights only belong to the druggies and the lazy. Who do you think is paying for loss of income,vandalism to property and cleaning up daily crap and trash? Not the lawyers who sue the City,not HACHR, not the groups that protest outside government buildings.

Lawsuits seem to be the only language regressives and fake local "cons" aka conservatives understand. Enough of vilifying people who work pay taxes and groups trying to make this city better.

EPD is not the homeless police or babysitters. They are put in this position by politicians and apathetic generational slumlords and the people who fund and support these inept politicians.

POP is the only one doing anything about drug addicts,not HACHR, not the politicians.

Right now, screaming and yelling  can be heard all over Old Town.  This is daily.

There are those that deserve compassion,a roof over their heads. The ones screaming now are the same ones that did not go up to the sleepout near the Courthouse last night, to get a good night's sleep.

Noise disturbances constantly caused by people who don't quietly or politely camp out or keep areas clean. Public spaces are for the public, not a few entitled, belligerent "regulars" and I don't just mean the homeless. It is couth and inconsiderate idiots like the three stooges who think public space is their space.

You wonder why working people are cranky and stressed in Humboldt? Try living in this shithole where you can't have quiet enjoyment in your own home or work at your office without dealing with crap, literally. This is California coddling and enabling.


  1. I feel ya. At our work place, which is mostly imports from out of state because of our unique skill set, we call those people feral humans. I don't walk in my neighborhood, or any other in the city, day OR night because of these people. That and the fact that California disarms law-abiding citizens so that the ferals can attack us without fear.