Apr 6, 2016

No decision on second day in Bullock trial, jury leaves at 4

Second day, no decision. Alternate juror #2 was excused today.

Around 1 :45, the twelve jurors and three alternates in an open courtroom viewed a clip. Due to technical reasons, the clip either got deleted or messed up when it was played during the trial.

This missing clip covering 2:14 a.m. to 2:18 a.m. showed Gary Bullock walking on the pathway between the office and part of the church, then he walks in the area in front of the garage and looks up and then he goes into one of the bathrooms.

DA Investigator Martin Perrone made a CD of that clip from the source material, the actual hard drive from the church.

After watching the clip to make sure that the CD they had in the jury room was the same, one of the jurors submitted a question, which Judge John Feeney asked DA Investigator Perrone.

"Are there any other videos between 2:15 and 2:18 a.m. that were not entered into evidence?"

“I hope not,” Mr. Perrone responded, eliciting laughter throughout the courtroom.

The jury left around 4 :15 today, still no verdict.

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