Apr 18, 2016

Mystery of abandoned vehicle on 101 on Saturday solved, DUI arrest

From Humboldt County Jail Reports:

CATHERINE D POTERACK  CHPHFRESH ARRESTVC23152(f) Saturday, April 16, 6:56 p.m.
She is Arnie Klein's fiancee. Listed as  working at Open Door Health Clinic, in Pediatrics.

At 20:32 on 4/16 Refused by Medical  Released to Law Enforcement
At 23:34 on 4/16 Released to self.

No charges by DA yet. If charged, this would be a misdemeanor.

Apr 16, 2016

Who did CHP pull over on 101? Anonymous tipster wants me to follow a hunch

Anonymous tipster wants to know:

"I saw 2 CHP had pulled someone over in 101 in safety corridor. When I got near vehicle no one was inside the vehicle. It was a GMC Envoy with an Arnie Klein for DA sticker."

This tipster seems to think it's Arnie Klein's vehicle. The tipster is concerned if the vehicle was abandoned.

 I am checking with CHP and other law enforcement to see if it is an arrest or incident and if they can tell me the identity of the driver.

Hopefully, whoever it is, is all right.

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