Apr 7, 2016

Media takeover second floor of the Courthouse : Ryan, Paul, Sierra, Zach, Chiv with cameo by Goff

This is the first time I have seen members of the media together in one place, all day at the Courthouse

Ryan Burns from LOCO, Paul Mann from Mad River Union, several staff, but lately Zach Lathouris, from North Coast News, Sierra Jenkins from KIEM and myself have been enjoying each other's company for the Bullock trial and jury deliberations.

Andrew Goff made a cameo appearance one day. With two LOCO reporters at the Courthouse, there was more excitement than a celebrity sighting.

Despite no coffee for hours and no lunch for some of us, we have survived day 3 of jury deliberations and no verdict and still like each other.

The criminals of Humboldt have been very considerate making this week a relatively slow news week so that we can all bring you the verdict in the Bullock case.

We take periodic breaks by ignoring each other and working on our cell phones or laptops so that the camaraderie lasts into the future.

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