Apr 7, 2016

Day 3, three questions,and still no decision in Bullock case

At 3:52, attorneys went in and came out right now. After the third question today, no decision. Jury left right now, early again.

Usually, the jury has been in good spirits,talking with each other. Today, you can sense some awkwardness, as they see media standing around all day and aware Fr. Freed's family is waiting. Since the afternoon, the jury has been in a more somber mood.


  1. I keep hoping today will be the day! Thanks for updating -Maggie

  2. The mood of a jury can turn on a dime. I remember one trial where all of us jurors were just happy as clams with the company we were keeping... Potential life-long friends and all that.

    Then we got to the deliberation phase of the case... oops. Let's just say after we got all of the issues all hashed out no one could get away from everyone else quickly enough.

    I can only imagine in a very serious case (I only served on DUI's) like this one the stress those folks must be under.