Jun 9, 2016

Eureka Police Officer's Association ratifies memorandum of understanding with EPD and City of Eureka

The Eureka Police Officer’s Association is committed to its partnership with the City of Eureka and its Police Department to maintain the highest quality law enforcement services possible for the citizens of Eureka.  The EPOA ratified this successor memorandum of understanding with that partnership in mind, along with the hope and expectation that its members will be compensated at a level commensurate with their commitment to that mission.  The EPOA understands the City is in difficult financial times.  It also believes that its members are, in fact, not compensated at the level commensurate with their service and dedication.  This contract, it is hoped, will allow the City to look to the future and plan accordingly to provide EPOA members the compensation they deserve when the City is financially able.

Until that time comes, the EPOA’s membership will continue to work for the citizens of Eureka as it always has; never wavering from their belief that those citizens deserve and rightfully demand the very best in law enforcement services.

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