Jun 9, 2016

"He should not be out there, on duty, fingering women"

Jane Doe # 1 resumed her testimony today after Judge Timothy Cissna questioned the 12 jurors and two alternate jurors about yesterday.

No one saw or heard anything, one juror said all he saw was the witness go into a room with support staff.

Jane Doe's testimony was candid, graphic at times, painful to watch as she struggled with the affects of detoxing, and talked about her life.

I will do a detailed post later today on her testimony since her testimony is the most crucial in this case, with two Counts  in which she is the alleged victim. She was also the first to report the alleged assault.

Judge Cissna, Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett and Mr. Steven Betz, who cross examined Jane Doe 1, were very sensitive, compassionate to her physical and mental state since she is currently trying to detox.

DOJ senior criminalist Ms. Kay Belschner, who is also currently acting assistant director at the Eureka lab testified about swabbing Jason Daniels' patrol vehicle and taking reference samples from Daniels and Jane Doe #1. Her testimony was brief since the DNA was sent to the Redding office for analysis.

Daniel's wife has been at every court hearing with him and present every day at the trial.

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