Jun 16, 2016

Humboldt and Santa Barbara top counties for exporting cut flowers throughout North America

Senator Mike McGuire officially recognized the month of June as California Grown Flower Month during a presentation to the State Senate this morning.
“Today, we are recognizing California as America’s best source for high-quality cut flowers,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “The industry has blossomed since its inception back in the late 1870s. California flower farmers and distributors generate thousands of jobs and are worth $12.2 billion and a little known fact is that Arcata, in our own Humboldt County, is the largest producing region of fresh cut tulips in the United States.”
Senator McGuire, a big fan of fresh cut flowers himself, presented each of his fellow State Senators with a Stargazer Lily bouquet, which was originally bred in Arcata on the North Coast.
Humboldt and Santa Barbara counties are at the top of the list for exporting cut flowers throughout North America. Humboldt County flower farmers are known for growing hundreds of varieties of tulips, lilies, and irises. The largest cut flower farm in the United States, Sun Valley Floral, proudly calls Humboldt County home.
“California growers account for 75 percent of all domestically supplied cut flowers in the nation and the Golden State’s flowers meet the strictest growing standards in the world,” Senator McGuire said. “The industry is booming and blooming.”
Following Senator McGuire’s presentation, the Senate voted to pass SCR 146, which recognizes the month of June as California Grown Flower Month.

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