Jun 14, 2016

Thanks Hank Sims!

First, LOCO links my blog with a cool title like Chiv'd.

Today, what a surprise when I looked at Elsewhere and saw CHIV'D: Chiv's Jason Daniels coverage.

While that is efficient and convenient, you will still have to click over to read my creative headlines for jury trials.

I really appreciate LOCO linking other media sources under Elsewhere, especially the local ones.


  1. Elsewhere is probably responsible for the majority of your blog's internet traffic.

  2. You are mistaken. Has it ever occurred to you that by linking other sources that drives traffic to LOCO and those clicks only benefit LOCO in advertising, not me or someone else.

    People should bookmark their favorite blogs and access them directly.

    LOCO links others, especially me, because I have a niche and a following.I built my blog and I have people follow me regionally and nationally for the scoops and content I provide.

    In fact, LOCO doesn't link all my posts. And my traffic depends on the content. I don't even run all the press releases.

    I don't deny the benefit but its mutual. I get a lot of anonymous complainers like you from being linked too but that is all part of the pros and cons.

    And, I am glad that many people who follow my blog are bookmarking it directly.

    My post is thanking Hank isn't it?