Jun 9, 2016

Eureka Planning Commission thinks food trucks near schols is not a good idea; that's what they think is unsafe?


Food trucks near schools is such a pressing issue, according to the Eureka Planning Commission that they need to discuss this instead of safety issues near the Eureka High School such as drugs and crimes.


  1. A high school with an open campus for its lunch period means students leave campus to eat fast food or grab a sandwich at a grocery store deli. Food trucks upend the economic paradigm by grabbing a good chunk of those dollars by positioning themselves between the students and their traditional lunch destinations. Food trucks are more convenient and save time, leaving students with more free time during their lunch period.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out whose interests the planning commission is looking after. The simple solution is for students to show up en masse to the planning commission meeting, or before the city council, and lay bare what's happening.

  2. I cannot open the link.
    Personally, I'v always wondered if any of those food trucks are selling drugs out of their trucks. Would never surprise me. The ice cream truck in my neighborhood, where I grew up, got popped for selling drugs out of the truck. Seems likely to me, though I don't know, but I have always wondered. I'm sure you'd have to use a secret code word to be in the know. It'd be a way to launder the money as well.
    Also, the fact it's a moving truck is just kind of creepy for some reason by a school. For a parent, it just kinda of raises a red flag within, which should never be ignored. I can think of a few good reasons, and can definitely see why this is given some careful thought and attention.

    1. If there was a food truck -- or fast food restaurant for that matter (it's happened before elsewhere) -- dealing drugs, well, thankfully we already have a law against that activity. We don't need to protect our children from legally cooked, legal-to-eat food.