Apr 12, 2016

"We were talking, which led to some kissing and fondling." "She was loaded, said she was going to be sick, I told her there is the railing and went back inside."

Kailan Meserve who started his testimony in his own case yesterday, took the stand again this morning and resumed his testimony with direct questioning by his attorney, Mr. Russell Clanton.

Yesterday the testimony was Meserve's version of what happened with Jane Doe #2.

"Where we left off yesterday was the point in time where you returned home and had woken up after a long night of drinking," said Mr. Clanton.

"I woke up, I got dressed," said Meserve. "I was thinking how I had screwed up, cheating on my wife and seeing what I could do to make sure that infidelity didn't get out in a small town. I went to see Ashley and Jane Doe #2."

Meserve said he knocked on the door and entered the "red house. Only Ashley was there. We talked about the night before, we were all loaded. I asked where Jane Doe #2 was." He was told that she wasn't feeling well and went home. He said he wanted to invite both of them to breakfast and ended up extending that invitation to Ashley. They met up at the Yellow Rose "30 or 45 minutes later" said Meserve. Each drove there separately.

Ashley  Groeling is the sister of Jeff Groeling who is one of Meserve's best friends from childhood. She considers Meserve like a brother; Meserve said he considers her family and has known her since she was a baby. Ashley Groeling is best friends with Jane Doe #2.

Meserve was asked and told Mr. Clanton that there was no discussion between Groeling and him about alleged assault of Jane Doe # 2 or any inappropriate behavior between Meserve and Jane Doe #2.

"Let's talk about Jane Doe #1," said Mr. Clanton.

Meserve in response to questions from Mr. Clanton said that he first met Jane Doe #1 at the Yellow Rose. He could not recall when. On prompting by Mr. Clanton, he said, "it may have been November.

"Social thing, we were all having beer," said Meserve. He could not recall if he introduced himself or she introduced herself to him. They talked about her working for him, "trimming marijuana."

"I was on the patio. She came out on the patio," said Meserve.

Mr. Clanton asked if she was intoxicated.

"Yes, she was intoxicated. Mumbling her words, stumbling."

Mr. Clanton asked Meserve if he was intoxicated and the level of his intoxication.

"My normal at that time. I was intoxicated," said Meserve.

He said Jane Doe #1 was there with someone named Troy Allman (could not make out the last name, sounded like almond) who was an acquaintance and a woman whose name he did not know. From other testimony, that woman may have been Kate Finnegan, who testified for the People.

Meserve said that when they were alone on the patio at some point during the night. "We were talking, which led to some kissing and fondling," he said. "She was loaded, said she was going to be sick, I told her there is the railing and went back inside."

"Then I was being asked where she was, I said I have no idea," said Meserve.

Meserve claimed that Troy "wanted to engage me in a physical altercation. We had words and I ended up leaving."

Meserve said he went to Sam Epperson's house the next day because he knew "Troy was working for Sam. Petrolia is a small town. I didn't need anything hanging over me or my business."

Meserve said he did not talk to Jane Doe #1. He "apologized to Troy for anything I had done the night before which may have been out of line."

Then he went to the community center where the ping pong night was being held. The time was 9 or 10 p.m. according to Meserve.

Meserve claimed that Jane Doe # 1 approached him on the porch. "We had a light conversation. Partially about the night before; partially about employment."

"Later that night, she asked him for a ride home." Meserve said he thought she was staying at "Cedar's house", which is "about a city block away" from the Yellow Rose. "There are no city blocks in Petrolia," he added.

"I didn't think she needed a ride home," said Meserve. We had kissed and fondled the night before. I thought she wanted to talk about employment."

Meserve said that he told Jane Doe that they were headed down to his property. He talked about unlocking the gates at "the Grove" and said that she did not express any concerns or object.

He said he pulled up in front of one of the two trailers on his property. He got out of the truck and she did. When he opened the door to the trailer, Meserve claims, Jane Doe # 1 said, "Aren't you married?"

"I said, yes," testified Meserve. "I told her my wife, who is Filipina, said that if she ever caught me cheating, she would cut me up and feed me to the animals."

Meserve said he went inside the trailer and asked Jane Doe #1 if she wanted to come inside.  He said he turned the light on. "To me, it was obvious why we were there.," he said.

"She sat on the bed. We made out. Kissing, fondling. She took her clothes off. I took my clothes off." Meserve said he cannot recall if he took off any of Jane Doe's clothes.

"We proceeded to fool around. The way she was on the bed, away from me, I gave her oral. My mouth on her vagina, with her breasts, kissing her, tried to have sex with her but I was unable to perform. There was oral copulation between both of us in many different positions."

"Did you get the sense that this was non-consensual?" asked Mr. Clanton. Meserve said no.

Meserve said the sex stopped when "at some point he turned on his truck, saw it was after 3 a.m. and I thought I better go home. He said he told Jane Doe # 1"that it was late and I had to go home. We both got dressed, got into the truck, and I dropped her off at Cedar's house."

Meserve said he never threatened Jane Doe #1. When law enforcement contacted him, he did not deny sexual contact, he said he told them it was consensual.

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