Apr 18, 2016

Close to verdict in Meserve case? Jury sends note says they are missing one verdict form

The Kailan Meserve jury started deliberating shortly after 11 a.m. last Friday. This day 2 of deliberations. The jury is only deliberating until noon.

This morning the jury had questions, now they have a note. They are missing one verdict form. They were given that at 11:45.

They just left for the day.

There are 16 counts, many counts have the option of lesser charges and there are special allegations.

Kailan Meserve is charged in Count 1 with kidnapping (Jane Doe #1 to commit rape), Count 2 Forcible rape (Jane Doe #1), Count 3 Forcible oral copulation (Jane Doe #1),Count 4 Forcible oral copulation (Jane Doe #1), Count 5 Sexual Penetration by a Foreign Object (Jane Doe #1), Count 6 Assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury (Jane Doe #!), Count 7 Criminal threats (Jane Doe #1), Count 8 Forcible Rape (Jane Doe #2), Count 9 Forcible Rape (Jane Doe #2), Count 10 Forcible oral opulation (Jane Doe #2), Count 11 Forcible Oral copulation (Jane Doe #2), Count 12 Forcible Oral Copulation (Jane Doe #2), Count 13 Forcible Oral Copulation (Jane Doe #2), Count 14 Sexual battery (Jane Doe #2), Count 15 Sexual battery (Jane Doe #2), Count 16 Sexual penetration by a foreign object (jane Doe #2).

Special allegation of kidnapping for Counts 1 to 7; special allegation of burglary for Counts 8 to 16.

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