Apr 15, 2016

Bullock withdraws not guilty plea of insanity this morning, gag order lifted

update later with exclusive comments from some jurors. Other comments from the DA team, family and family attorney Ms. Kathleen Bryson later...

gag order lifted...

Bullock asked not to be present when jury was brought in

jurors stayed to talk with family, they hugged each other.

Almost everyone said that they were drained.

Bullock made this decision just this morning. Total surprise to his attorney, the prosecution and Fr. Eric's family.

Judge John Feeney asked Bullock if he's had time to consider his decision. He said, "Plenty". Cockrum said, "I advised him against it but it was his decision." 

He made this decision against his attorney's advice this morning. Judge Feeney asked Bullock if this is what he wanted to do, advised Bullock of his rights, asked Bullock if he had taken any medication in the past 24 hours. Bullock said no to the medications and three times repeated that yes  to his decision to withdraw the insanity plea.

DA Investigator John Burke  listened to Bullock’s phone calls and visits up until this Thursday night. He said Bullock made the comment “I’m going to call this all off.” Although it was unclear exactly what Bullock meant, Mr. Burke informed DDA Isaac and Mr. Cockrum.

sentencing may 11 at 4 p.m.

The overwhelming feeling from everyone right now reiterated was tired, drained, relieved. I concur with them.

Some jurors cried and hugged. Most did not want to talk about the case and deliberations.

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