Apr 15, 2016

Benghazi attack had been staged by an “Al Qaeda-like group,” rather than as the result of “inflammatory material posted on the Internet"

So she lied, if Obama knew, then he lied. Why is he still president? Why is she still a candidate for president?

It is a good assumption that as President, he would know.



  1. You just picked up on this? Fox has been hammering on this gong for years now.

    If every case of "damage control" ended up in convictions, we would not have had a President finish his first term since Washington (and even there I have my suspicions).

    To the best of my knowledge, no one lied on oath. Only to the Sunday meet the press type programs. That is hardly a felony.

  2. MOLA, the link is titled April 14,2016 so you just picked up on this is a bit absurd. I do keep busy. She lied in an official public statement and said something else to her daughter, not expecting to be caught.

    Sorry, she is a liar and should be held responsible because those deaths could have been prevented. She is not qualified or trustworthy to be President.

    1. The link may be titled 4/14/2016... But that song has been playing forever.

      As for no liars should be President... I think we are both old enough to know why that is not going to happen.

      And, Meet the Press is hardly an "Official Public Statement." Any politician is free to lie his or her fanny off as long as they are not under oath. I think we are both old enough to understand that also.

      I'm not saying it is right... it is certainly not. But you are asking for a standard of behavior you will never find in real life (Democrat, Republican or anyone else for that matter).

      Which leaves us with our original choices, doesn't it?

  3. The song may be playing forever but I chose to pay attention to this evidence. Nixon had consequences. Bill Clinton was impeached but acquitted. You are making light of Hillary's heinous actions, which are not a white lie. That's the problem with many liberals, particularly local liberals. You will keep defending and denying. I am not into the same argument over and over. Actions speak louder than words. I have written about Baykeeper, but also HUMCPR. I have written about Kailan Meserve and I have about Michael Mcbeth.

    I vote and have volunteered for Democratic candidates, including Susan Adams.

    Do liberals look beyond the label? Those who do get chastised by their "tolerant" friends.

    Now, I have better things to do tonight than engage in circular reasoning with you.

    We disagree on Hillary, let's move on.

  4. People have been fighting to get the answers, MOLA, and despite her best efforts to hide them, they are coming to light, in her own emails. If FOX is the only one covering it, shame on the rest of them. Unless you like being lied to. I guess if it is a 'D' it's cool.