Jun 10, 2016

People rest in Jason Daniel's case, defense starts case, trial expected to end next week

After DA Chief Investigator Wayne Cox wrapped up his testimony, Jane Doe #2 took the stand.

Jane Doe # 2 was the People's last witness. Her testimony took up most of the morning.

The defense's first witness was EPD officer Ryan McElroy. Court recessed early today at 11:25.

Court resumes next Tuesday at 8:30. Judge Cissna told jurors that the trial will end next week, "no later than the 17th" but could end sooner.


  1. John, did I miss the detailed post on JD#1's testimony?
    I would like to hear more specifics of the case. Perhaps a summary of the prosecution's evidence? I am especially curious about any DNA evidence or testimony from investigators. What is your impression of the prosecution's case?

  2. Hugh, you didnt miss the post. By Monday, I will have posted details of Jane Doe #1's testimony and the other testimony for the People. Officer McElroy, the only defense witness, was very brief.

    I can tell you DNA evidence from Daniels and Jane Doe #1 was found on the car. The criminalist who did the DNA analysis said that how they phrase it, "cannot be excluded."

    Their DNA was on the car but cannot be determined if it was just transferred from hands or ?

    There have been so many cases on at the same time, that I just decided to do the detailed posts later. It can get weary sitting all day in an intense trial, in addition to other cases and my regular job. I decided a short break after two years non stop was in order!

    I'd rather you read the testimony and decide for yourself the strength of the People's case. In the meantime, you may want to read the links to the preliminary hearing which were specific to the alleged incidents.

    Both victim's deteriorating health affected their memory, they said, especially since three years have passed.

    I don't think the defense was able to impeach the witnesses to the point where it is cut and dry. They did raise some good questions.

  3. Thanks John!
    I appreciate the update :-)