Jun 5, 2016

Man freed despite inaction by Obama, thanks to the actions of a good prosecutor, says his attorney


In local courts, there are cases where Judges use discretion while sentencing taking in mitigating circumstances, prosecutors who work with the defense to dismiss charges or work out a resolution that helps the defendant, often treatment.

They just don't make headlines.


  1. Every time I click on the link it says access denied. Really intrigued by this article and wanted details. Any way you can fix it. Thanks and also thank you for your service and remember haters make you famous, and you seem to have a lot.

    1. It is working for me, try it again, cut and paste it. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/06/05/music-producer-whose-long-sentence-drew-outcry-is-free-early.html

      Thanks for your kind words. In person, I get a lot more positive feedback. Online, there is a group of the same people, different names. Even in real life, I am aware locally of what you say but it only affirms I am doing the right thing.