Jun 2, 2016

Firework grand opening packed with business leaders, community members and elected officials

Today was the grand opening of Firework.
Business leaders, elected officials, community, County and City staff packed the office space at lunchtime.

Times-Standard, North Coast News, KIEM and myself were the only media present.

Owners Mark and Kiva Sullivan did a joint ribbon cutting for the Eureka Chamber of Commerce and Arcata Chamber of Commerce.

I did this post two days ago.

May 31, 2016

Unlimited coffee, free WiFi, ping pong table and office space in Old Town?

Coworking, shared office space, free unlimited coffee from Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, conference room, free hi speed WiFi, no long term leases and a ping pong table.

Where? Firework is at 325 Second Street, Suite 201. There is a grand opening this Thursday at 12:30.


  1. Did I miss it? What is this place supposed to be after its grand opening? Just an office building where you rent space?

  2. Fred, it's not just an office building. It is inexpensive office space, with furniture, wifi, conference room in Old Town at extremely affordable rents and you no leases, so you can rent for six days a month to 24/7 access.

    It is very nice with all the amenities. Office space rent, alone, is expensive and if you add furniture, utilities, it is difficult for a small business owner or someone self-employed like me. It is something that is wonderful and needed in Eureka.