Jun 8, 2016

19 year old that fled the scene pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter

District Attorney Maggie Fleming reports that on June 7, 2016 19-year-old Carley Palsson having pled guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and failure to report an injury accident, was sentenced by Judge Timothy Cissna to 180 days in jail and 500 hours of community service. The sentence was consistent with the report prepared by the Probation Department.

The charges arose from the fact that at about 8 pm on September 1, 2015, Ms. Palsson allowed the vehicle she was driving to drift onto the shoulder of northbound Highway 101 near its intersection with State Route 36.  The vehicle struck 48-year-old Kenneth Bryant of Fortuna, who was walking along the highway.   Mr. Bryant’s injuries were instantly fatal.  Ms. Palsson did not stop, though passengers in the vehicle urged her to do so. She surrendered herself to the California Highway Patrol the next day.

Mr. Bryant’s son, Cody Bryant, and his mother, Ms. Bryant-Boyd, addressed the Court prior to sentencing. Both expressed sorrow over how the crime had affected their family.  Cody Bryant also expressed anger at the defendant for not stopping after the collision. Ms. Bryant-Boyd closed by telling Ms. Palsson, “I hope your life goes forward in a good direction”.

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