Jun 8, 2016

Pizza machete wielding suspect found guilty on all counts, except 1

Jury found Charles Kesselring guilty on all counts except Count 3, and found all special allegations true.

Verdict came in right at noon.

Kesselring is charged with Count 1 Evading a Police Officer with willful disregard; Count 2 unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle; Count 3 Receiving Stolen Property/Vehicle; Count 4 Carjacking with a special allegation that he used a machete, a deadly and dangerous weapon during the alleged commission of the offense; Count 5 second degree robbery with special allegation of using a machete; Count 6 Criminal threats with the machete special allegation; Count 7 Assault with a deadly weapon and three prior conviction special allegations.

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DA's press release (at 3 p.m.) :

Today a Humboldt County jury found Charles Kesselring IV guilty of carjacking, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, theft of a vehicle and evading an officer. The crimes occurred on May 26, 2015.
The events began around noon when Deputy Tomlin of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department identified and pursued a stolen vehicle while on patrol near Harris and Harrison. The pursuit continued into Eureka, where Deputy Tomlin ended it near Eureka High School to limit risk to the public. However, shortly thereafter citizens assisted the deputy in locating the defendant who had left the car and run into an apartment. Because the crime is not classified as a serious or violent crime he was cited and not booked into the jail.
Shortly before midnight Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a robbery in Manila. The victim, a pizza delivery person, said when he stopped his car at the Manila Community Center a man with distinctive tattoos brandished a machete, ordered him out of his car, demanded his wallet and threatened to kill him. The victim later identified the defendant as the person who committed the carjacking and robbery.
The defendant was arrested in Ukiah on May 29, 2016 after evading the Ukiah police in a vehicle.
The defendant faces a maximum sentence of 17 years in prison. Following additional court proceedings on June 9, 2016 a sentencing date will be set. The case was tried by Deputy District Attorney Jackie Pizzo and defended by Christina Albright.


  1. John, I would appreciate it if you would delve a little deeper into why the S.O. decided to cite and release a felon who was recklessly driving a stolen car at very high speed through town. Oh, did I mention he also had an outstanding felony warrant at the time they first caught him, yet they let him go and allowed him to rob the poor pizza guy later that night.

    Something very fishy is going on here.

    1. Hugh, I will look into it, may take a day or longer because I will do some independent research.

      All I can say is the fruit does not fall far from the tree, his present wife is in and out of jail, I hope he goes away for a long time, and that sane people like you need to repeal Prop 47 and this "mental illness" defense which is abused in California and Humboldt like food stamps and the 215 card benefit.

    2. The rumor is that he was a C.I. for the S.O, which is why he was released. I don't know that is true, but it would make sense. The guy was recklessly endangering the public in a stolen vehicle. He was on either probation or parole and also had a felony warrant outstanding. This was not a case of not being able to arrest this scum because of Prop. 47. There is more to the story. Thanks for checking John.