Jun 3, 2016

Felony probation instead of state prison for former assistant court operations manager who plead guilty to embezzlement

That plea was entered and it is a conditional plea for felony probation instead of state prison.

Cervantes plead guilty to a single count of PC 504, embezzlement. Count 1 was dismissed, all special all special allegations were dismissed with a Harvey Reservation and the 2015 misdemeanor case was dismissed.

Sentencing is on August 5. Time was waived for sentencing.

Visiting Judge Leslie Nichols accepted the plea. Cervantes was present in court with her attorney, Mr. Glenn Brown. Ms. Jeanne Kirke was present from Probation. Judge Nichols gave her some feedback on what information he needed in the probation report.

Deputy District Attorney Roger Rees was present in court for the plea today but he told me that "other attorneys in his office have worked on this case" and "all have put in a lot of hard work."

No other media has followed this case and no other media was present in court this morning. There were two family members in the audience, myself and Humboldt Superior Court CEO Ms. Kim Bartleson.

I will have a detailed post on the hearing for plea in which Judge Nichols made some very specific points about this resolution, accepting the conditional plea, what he advised Cervantes and explaining in detail for the public's benefit the process and what went into this decision.

He made it clear that he would look at the probation report before making any final decision and the severity of the charges.

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