May 2, 2016

So far, no issues at the Palco Marsh, except for a handful of protestors; one from Arcata yelling, "What is your capacity,officer?"

I arrived around 7:45 and where I was, I saw no interaction between Nezzie Wade and the police. Everything was peaceful.

There were hardly any people left, many abandoned tents and belongings pictured below. The people I talked to were polite. One man "Kelvin" had a bicycle, with a cart attached filled with all his belongings. He told me, "I got somewhere to go. I have a friend I can go stay with." I asked him, if he had to leave any belongings behind and he said no.  

Media were at different places today, so you will get different perspectives. I was mostly down by the parking lot where the command center was located. I saw some people with their belongings packed up, sitting in the lot.

I was not where the alleged fire started but I will have more photographs, including of the smoke after the fire was put out in another post, shortly. A civilian observer who was standing by the handful of protestors quite a distance from the lot where media, law enforcement and others were, told me, that someone had "lit a fire in protest." This was close to where AHAA and others were protesting.

Another media freelancer told me that the few people left were the same that were there yesterday around 4 p.m. He was hassled by some advocates while trying to do his job, not the campers.

The bin pictured below with graffiti is where belongings have been stored.

So far no issues with people leaving the Palco Marsh. Most of the media was down by North 40 parking lot, behind Sears, where law enforcement including EPD, APD, HCSO, city staff, Probation, City Ambulance, Animal Control, and various pastors from local churches including law enforcement chaplain, Andy  Broese Van Groenou; Fr. Tom Diaz, pastor of St. Bernard's Parish; City Attorney Cyndi Day-Wilson and City Manager Greg Sparks.

I spoke with City Attorney Cyndi Day-Wilson and she told me that while she had not seen the signed order, both she and Ms. Shelley Mack, worked on the order filed on April 30. The City is obligated to provide the 11 plaintiffs emergency housing, if they refuse, that is their decision.

One guy gave Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills some guff and when he directed officers, "to get him out of here," the guy left without incident on his bicycle.

As I left around 9 a.m., there were two men and a young women, looked like students, yelling behind the police barrier. Where the officers were standing and others, they would not be able to hear them.

The woman who said her name was "Gork", yelled, "What is your capacity, officer" and "You have no right to destroy our community." She was a bit hesitant when I asked her name. And a bit defensive when I asked her where she lived, she responded "Arcata, but I have been coming here to visit the people and feed them."

Instead of protesting, a more humane and productive use of time would have been assisting the campers in moving.

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