May 26, 2016

NCJ cover story on Bullock a slap in the face to Fr. Eric , the community, and self agrandizement

Regurgitating a probation report, passing it off as a cover story, and claiming the NCJ has this exclusive insight into Gary Lee Bullock is a joke.

Every single local media, except the North Coast Journal, dedicated staff to cover the Bullock trial. NCJ erroneously mentioned jurors were not aware that the trial was bifurcated.

Anyone can get probation reports and claim it as an exclusive when you write one or two stories a week. The Bullock piece includes some information which was stated in court and previous coverage.

It is 15 days after the sentencing and it is not a direct interview with Bullock. NCJ's article on Bullock is a slap in the face to Fr. Eric and those who loved him.

Making it sound as if the result would be different had the insanity phase of the trial proceeded without attending the trial except for the prosecution's opening statement does not qualify NCJ to any opinion. It would not have made a difference. Why do you think Bullock withdrew his insanity plea? Two out three evaluations were not in his favor. He wanted a psychiatrist paid for by him for a favorable report.

NCJ passed off a cover story on Public Defender Heidi Holmquist as some big deal. It was months after the Arreaga sentencing. Paul Mann from the Mad River Union did an article on Ms. Holmquist, a week after the Arreaga verdict. MRU is also a weekly.

NCJ should just stick to doing puff pieces and listing entertainment and dining options.

At the Palco Marsh "evictions", NCJ staff walked with AHAA. The rest of us covered the story, and it was not from one perspective.

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