May 1, 2016

Are there people at the Marsh discouraging others from moving out? If so, who and why? If people felt safe, I could get answers

I walked by yesterday and today to check out the lot where the shipping containers have been converted to units that can house two people. The doors to each unit are brand new.

Volunteers from the Betty Kwan Chinn center, as well as Betty Chinn, have been at the lot registering, welcoming and helping people settle in; HUMCPR's Lee Ulansey was there both days I stopped by; today Council member Marian Brady was there.

Betty was kind enough to open one of the empty rooms for me to take pictures. Some of the units are occupied. The only request Betty had was that no one take pictures of any of the people.

The units are very clean and stocked with basic necessities; a bed, brightly colored bedding and trash can. There is an area with a canopy and tables and chairs for people to sit at and eat, relax.

There were a few people settling in with their belongings, pets as usual on the bed, checking out their new home.

A volunteer asked a woman if she was ready for her shower. The woman nodded and said she was almost finished picking out some clean clothes. The showers and the St. Vincent Dining facility are across the street. 

Outside the lot, a man sat with his leftovers from lunch, enjoying the sunlight and looking somewhat relieved to be able to sit down, somewhere in peace, with no one bothering him.

I spoke with a couple of people, who wish to remain anonymous, out of fear of retribution. They told me there were people at the Marsh, discouraging others, to come up to sign up or move to this lot.

Street outreach van and several totes with clean clothes and socks for men and women at the 3rd and Commercial Mercer-Fraser parking lot

Betty's Blue Angel van 

Several porta potties on the lot

This is one of two beds in one unit, each bed has a bag with toiletries in it

Windows will replace the screens 

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