Jul 7, 2015

Why should a group that won't identify its board be trusted with input on an ordinance they seek to gain from?

Why should a group that won't identify its board be trusted with input on an ordinance they seek to gain from?

CCVH may have some front men but who are their board of directors?

Many diverse people in the community, not usually united, have spoken out against this ordinance?

They have a lot of money to woo state elected officials, local officials and pay consultants and spokespersons to advocate for this ordinance.

Why did it take Lost Cost Outpost to name who owns a few parcels and the name of the co-founder in the Island Mountain bust?

Why hasn't Sheriff Allman released the names of the people raided?

A two hour presentation this afternoon, a press conference on the steps of the courthouse and since the Island Mountain bust, it seems weekly CCVH public relations presentations.

What other group has received such red carpet treatment?

Usually, the comment sections of blogs do not contribute to productive discussion. On this topic, the comments have been very fruitful.

Why is CCVH being allowed input on an ordinance they stand to monetarily benefit from?

Every board member, every donor who contributed in kind or in money and every lawyer or business organization that contributed to CCVH seeks to benefit and I am sure there are contributions over a $100. Then again cash donations don't have to be recorded.

This group claims they want to be legitimate and transparent. They have been anything but upfront. Those who use cannabis recreationally or medically don't have deep pockets to control politics.

If CCVH is so concerned about the environment and regulation and are just farmers, they shouldn't be ashamed to tell us who they are.

This is not about whether you are pro cannabis or anti marijuana, it is about greed.

If CCVH was genuine, they would be working first on legislation that is for the benefit of the community, not just land use for their profit. They would be working on protecting people from greedy lawyers who make money off a vague state law and federal laws and do not care about cannabis or innocent clients. Not all lawyers fit in that category.

Kudos to the environmental groups who spoke today and EPIC's My Words in the Times-Standard.

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