Jul 11, 2015

Gay man files $70 million lawsuit against bible publishers




  1. It's a seven year old story (http://m.snopes.com/gay-bible-lawsuit/) involving a case filed by someone who apparently had no access to a word processor or computer, judging by the hand-written form on file (https://www.unitedstatescourts.org/federal/mied/231727/1-0.html).

    The case, of course, was long since dismissed.

    Anyone can file a lawsuit -- it's unclear whether this guy had to even pay a fee.

    It's sad that a subset of Christians are terrified of being bullied by gays now that the Supreme Court has recognized that gays have equal civil rights to heterosexuals, but I think the phenomenon is called "projection" by psychiatrists.

  2. While you are correct that the story originally appeared in 2008, and one of the links is older. The TPPN printed this in 2015 hence the post now. You are being extremely defensive about connecting this to the recent gay marriage Supreme Court decision and your subtle slight of projection. That was not my intent.

    Maybe you need to take the same psychological approach and look at why you feel the need to put down all Christians. You read something into my post about the recent church attacks that I had to explain to you. Now the same theme in this comment.

    I printed this article as an example of frivolous lawsuits by someone who wants 15 minutes of fame and an example of intolerance. There was the baker that got sued in Indiana. He did not refuse
    to bake a cake, he had a right to his beliefs, to what kind of slogan, he wants to print or not on a cake. It is his business, not built on state or federal funds. Another similar baker lawsuit deliberately sought out to create a situation to claim discrimination. Greed is a common factor in all 3 cases.

    Not every gay or lesbian person sues. Why is that when intolerance is pointed out or an example of a not so favorable gay or lesbian individual is shown, you and some others feel the need to silence me or other point of views?

    This bible publisher case may be from 2008 but it is a clear example of someone that thinks other's beliefs, religious rights are something to be trifled with and I have a right to publish it on my blog.

  3. Why not sue the publishers of the Koran, Talmud, and so on. Why single out Christians? It's Muslims who kills gays every day, not Christians. Every single major religion condemns homosexual behavior. Looks like someone's bigotry is showing.