Jul 11, 2015

Frequently booked Misty Dawn Miller asks her attorney in court, "Is that bad?"

Misty Dawn Miller, a frequent on being booked in jail, since her release in March, is back in court for a parole violation. In this new case, she is charged with petty theft, receiving stolen property and unauthorized entry.

If this sounds familiar, go back in the court time machine to 2014. DDA Jackie Pizzo present for the People. Mr. Casey Russo from the Public Defender's Office was appointed to represent Miller. She asked him as he walked over to her, "Is that bad?"

Preliminary hearing is August 3.

This is a photo from the last arrest.

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  1. Dude, she suffers from schizophrenia. Don't judge. Mental illness is real.

    1. If she does, she has been in court enough times to seek help, get help and stay on meds.

      I know others who take their meds and stay clear of the law. No one can force her to take meds, though.

      Reporting facts and observations is not judging. If you are someone who cares about her, encourage her to get the help she needs.

    2. I personally know her. And yet it is true she suffers from mental illness and drug addictions. She has had many chances to get help. She was more stable for many years and willingly chose to be where she is now. Now she doesnt need to be harmed in any way she also doesnt need to be getting off as she is. She has willingly made her kids suffer and many others around her.

  2. She is making bad choices and has had numerous opportunities to get help. I pray she is OK wherever she is, and gets off drugs. Maybe if they'd keep her in jail long enough to get her head clear, she'd be off drugs and not continuously breaking the law when she is high and out of her mind.

  3. My mother was a "respectable" woman with mental health issues. She also chose not to take her medications. She was not pleasant to be around. Unfortunately, no one can force an adult to take their medications. While she didn't commit crimes like burglary, she was verbally and physically abusive to family members. It was heartbreaking. Until there is a way to compel people with mental illness to take their meds, we are helpless and hopeless.