Jan 20, 2016

Undersheriff Honsal responds why CR wants a full time peace officer and how retired officers on campus could assist

This item is now expected to be on the January 26 Board of Supervisor's agenda on the consent calendar.

After a few calls and questions from a couple of community members, I spoke to Undersheriff William Honsal after the HCSO swearing in ceremony this afternoon and got some more information.

These community members wanted to know why CR was not utilizing law enforcement who are retired and teaching as instructors.

"They are not current on post training, they do not have the equipment or resources they need," said Undersheriff Honsal. "Many of them are armed, and they could assist if required. " They would also be in classrooms and cannot respond immediately to any alleged threat.

This position is for a full time peace officer enforcing all laws, said Undersheriff Honsal.

Jan 13, 2016

In wake of Umqua community college shooting, CR reaches out to HCSO for School Resource Officer

Undersheriff William Honsal just confirmed that College of the Redwoods reached out to the Sheriff's office about the possibility of a School Resource Officer.

Next Tuesday, January 19, at the Board of Supervisors meeting, there will be an agenda item asking for approval to recruit for this position.

CR is willing to fund the position for the first year. For the second and third year, they intend to seek Measure Z funding.

"In wake of the Umqua Community College shooting, CR wanted patrol presence during the week and for special events," said Undersheriff Honsal.

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