Jan 20, 2016

Trial dates for Rodney and Vincent Ortiz local cases dismissed; Judge grants order to show contempt in Rodney Ortiz's case

The hearings on Rodney and Vincent Ortiz's scheduled for the afternoon of  January 19, 2016 were rescheduled to 8:30 a.m. this morning. Visiting Judge Stephen L. Mock dismissed trial setting for both local cases.

The Marsden hearing for Vincent Ortiz was taken off calendar. The motion for order to show contempt filed by Mr. Neal Sanders for Rodney Ortiz was granted.

I contacted both the District Attorney's office and Mr. Neal Sanders for comment.

Ms. Pizzo got back to me promptly via email:
 "I dismissed Ortiz this morning, due to the fact that both defendants have been arraigned on federal charges based on the underlying facts of the state case, and they are in federal custody.

As far as the contempt issue, the court ordered that the evidence be provided to defense in seven days, unless those items are in federal possession prior to that."

Trial setting was still scheduled yesterday afternoon for the local cases against Rodney and Vincent Ortiz.

Rodney Ortiz's attorney, Mr. Neal Sanders, had filed an order to show contempt against the D.A.'s office  and the People filed a response.

Vincent Ortiz  requested a Marsden hearing. He is being represented by Conflict Counsel's Mr. Greg Elvine-Kreis.

There is detailed coverage on this case on this blog. Ms. Pizzo who has prosecuted this case from the beginning has won all previous motions against the defense in the Ortiz cases.

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