Jan 21, 2016

Tammy Moore recognized by EPD whose assistance led to the arrest of a unregistered sex offender

Eureka Police Department held a Challenge Coin Presentation today at 1 p.m.  

EPD PIO Brittany Powell told me that occasionally the Eureka Police Department has given these coins with a city seal on it as a token of appreciation to citizens who assisted police officers.

Tammy Moore was recognized for providing instrumental information which led to the arrest of a wanted sex offender in May 2015.  Ms. Moore is the manager of a local motel and recognized the offender from Megan's law website.

Several members of the Eureka Police Department including EPD PIO Brittany Powell, Captains Brian Stephens and Steve Watson, Suzie Owsley and members of the community including the motel owner were present.

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills told Ms. Moore that EPD cannot police the entire city without the assistance of citizens and that she "was a shining example."

Ms. Moore was very modest and overwhelmed with the reception and gratitude she received. The motel is a part of a corporate chain and they requested the name of the motel and location not be published.

She recognized the male guest from Megan's law website. He is local. Ms. Moore said she has teenage daughters and checks that site on a regular basis. "As a parent, I cannot stand people like that."

KIEM, North Coast News, Times-Standard were at the event.

Chief Andy Mills reading the letter above.

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