I originally started this blog to showcase samples of my work and also to share and promote  businesses and people, especially those in my local community. In 2014, I started reporting and focusing on the Humboldt County criminal justice system and courts.

As the blog has grown, and the readership includes state, national and international readers; I do post opinions, news commentary and links to state and national news. 

What started as a hobby in my youth, developed into a career and passion for me.  I have 34 years of experience as a news journalist and editor; am a published author; and have done PR and marketing for private businesses; non-profits and the public sector.

Words Worth is a business that offers more than just words on a paper.

The right words can make all the difference. In today’s business world,  you literally have seconds to convince someone and the same strategy does not fit every business.  Business is personal.  Business consists of relationships with individuals and community.  A loyal and repeat customer makes an investment  in you.