Aug 5, 2015

What is the real story behind Humboldt Superior Court ex CEO's resignation?

The recent abrupt resignation of Superior Court CEO Kerri Keenan raised a red flag for me. I have been following some cases and looking into some of my own observations and other concerns shared confidentially. Tips have to be substantiated, evidence needs to be gathered, and sources need to feel free to talk. I held off on the post because no one wanted their name used. Some of my  own observations are the high turnover of employees ubder Ms. Keenan's reign, the stressful work environment I observe daily and why certain management have retired early and left.

I tried to meet with Ms. Keenan but she put off  meeting with me and then abruptly resigned.

I tried to meet with Presiding Judge Joyce Hinrichs since the Judges are the CEO's boss to see if they were aware of any allegations and concerns about Ms. Keenan. Judge Hinrich's schedule has been very busy. I have been waiting a few months and did not publish anything.

It is very difficult to get answers when the procedure is to contact the local adminstration, against whom concerns have been raised, who have access to files you need for evidence, where there is no oversight of that administration, and fear of retaliation by sources.

There is one specific case that I wanted to talk to Ms. Keenan
 about and I will I be doing a future post on that case soon.

A very reliable source told me Ms. Keenan is being investigated by the Judicial Council of California. I contacted the Judicial Council yesterday. Initially, they asked if I was referred to them by the Humboldt Superior Court. I explained why I contacted them directly. They were going to get back with comment later today.

The reason I am doing this post now is that one person has decided to risk coming forward.

There is another investigation by federal agency, the EEOC, done on a complaint filed by Paul Landrum, an employee of the Humboldt Superior Court. He alleges some of the same concerns others have mentioned. I will have more information on that as well.

I think the public deserves some answers about why Ms. Keenan left so abruptly. And, I think there needs to be some oversight of the Humboldt Superior Court from someone other than the Judges and Court administration.

According to one source, there was no follow up from one media outlet they approached a while back. I hear a lot of blabbing from unions and liberals about worker's rights and worker's work conditions. It takes guts to stand up to a powerful system. Now is the time for Humboldt County Unions and certain blog commenters to stand up for the working person or shut up.


  1. Very good article (I think the last paragraph needs a little work but what the heck).

    What does the County Workers Union say about all of this? I can't remember precisely the acronym they use, AFSCME or something like that). If line employees have been affected by all of this then the employee union should be at the front of this... not lurking in the shadows.

    I look forward to hearing more from you on this subject.

    1. MOLA, the last paragraph is just fine the way it is, the fact that you responded to it proves my point.Truth is inconvenient even when it involves your friends. And this comment thread is not going to be about them and I will not allow it to be. Thanks for the rest of the comment.

    2. Okie-Dokie.

      What about my union observation? Where are they?

      By the way... In the World of Blogs one has no friends. That's why I have dogs. Off topic I know, but still true.

    3. Your union observation is a good one. I am waiting to see if one of my sources is willing to go on record now that the story is out. You made me laugh with the dog/blog/friend comment. Such off topic comments are welcome.