Aug 19, 2015

Charles Kesselring machete wielding suspect held to answer on all charges

Charles Kesserling, the machete wielding pizza delivery van suspect had a preliminary hearing scheduled today. Mr. Glenn Brown is representing him. DDA Jackie Pizzo is now the prosecutor for the case.

Preliminary hearing was held yesterday. He was held to answer on all charges.

Kesserling is charged with seven counts: Count 1 Evading a Peace Officer with a special allegation of a prison prior; Count 2 taking a vehicle without owner's consent; Count 3 Buy/Receive stolen vehicle/Equipment; Count 4 Carjacking; Count 4 Use of a deadly weapon with a prior; Count 5 Robber with special allegation of use of a deadly weapon; Count 6 Threats to commit crimes resulting in death with a special allegation of use of a deadly weapon and Count 7 Assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm.

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  2. Hey Jenny, there is no contact between prisoners and members of the audience but I am sure you can tell him yourself. You do visit him, don't you? Where have you been the last two days? Not by your man's side to support him?

  3. Jennifer that is such a sweet sentiment. Thank you.

  4. I know I was not there... I am a horrible ratchet wench. right?