Dec 31, 2015

Bringing dignity, protectecting human rights and bridging relationships between the homeless and others, Erin hopes promises today will pan out

Erin Powers Taylor said, "I believe we had about 10 to 12  housed individuals, from all different groups, many involved in different social justice and human rights groups."

"Our huge goal was to make a presences, which I absolutely believe we did. Both Chief Mills and Captain Watson were out at this Thursday "clean up" which is not the usual thing for them. With this more public can and have been able to see what is going on, and were able to ask questions face to face with our Chief and Captain. At this point lots of promises have been made, on working with us to find a more humane way to support these folks out there in the Palco Marsh, all we can do is see if they will actually pan out."

" I am a Co creator of Friends of the Palco Marsh, amongst many other hats that I work with. We were created after the very first services fair, where I and a couple other folks there, under another group, saw and felt that these folks needed us. They needed a voice, compassion and support. We are in constant conversations with the folks back there, we do serve a lunch every Friday but we do so much more, our main goal has been to bridge relationships and to give support in anyway we can and most of all to bring them dignity and protect their human rights. We support the idea of sanctuary camps and declaring a Shelter Crisis which both are on the Eureka City Council Agenda for Tuesday, I and many others will be there."

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