Nov 24, 2015

Victim stabbed in Arcata yesterday knows the suspect, they had disputes and altercations in the past

Just spoke with APD Sgt. Todd Dokweiler about the stabbing yesterday near the Fourth Street Market in Arcata. Victim was treated and released from the hospital.

The suspect is known to victim but he does not know his name, not even a street name. The suspect is not known to law enforcement, said Sgt. Dokweiler. "They have had disputes and encounters in the past, unclear what they were over. They had an altercation" That led to the stabbing.

This was not a random act, said Sgt. Dokweiler.

The suspect is a white male adult, in his late teens, with light colored hair, medium to thin build, last seen wearing blue jacket.

No weapon has been recovered.


  1. I think he knows more than he's saying or not saying maybe in fear of another stabbing.

  2. I think the victim and suspect should show respect to other people.
    Is it only here or do people everywhere go around diss'n each other?