Mar 24, 2015

Jane Doe gives graphic testimony of sexual assault and Daniels asking her "Do you like that?"

Jane Doe testified how a call to her boyfriend's trailer near Jacob's Avenue  resulted in her being detained by Jason Daniels, a former Sheriff's deputy. She was arguing with a friend Ruby, who she thought was sleeping with her boyfriend at that time.

Daniels responded to the ruckus and he did a pat down and put her friend in the backseat of the car and then put cuffs on Jane Doe. He told her she was not being arrested but being detained.

While Jane Doe was cuffed, with Ruby in the backseat of Daniel's patrol car and her boyfriend watching from his trailer a few feet away, Jane Doe said Daniels touched her breasts, pushed her against his patrol car, put his hands under her skirt, pushed her panties aside and "stuck his fingers inside her" and said, "Do you like that?" She said he had an erection and was grinding against her butt" while fingering her. He later asked her for a blowjob.

"I was afraid he was going to hurt me, he is the fucking law, he could shoot me, he could do anything he wants" is what Jane Doe said when Mr. Issac asked her why she didnt say anything or stop Daniels.

While testifying, Jane Doe's voice quivered with anger and frustration, dropping to a lower voice and embarrassment when having to relive her assault. Mr. Issac, the prosecutor in the case apologized for asking specific questions but explained gently it was necessary and Jane Doe relived her assault today in open court with Daniels a couple feet away directly in front of her and with his wife in the courtroom.

She had to tell every one present what she was wearing. "A skirt, panties, a shirt and a bra." She said Daniels first touched her shoulder over her clothes, then he pushed her against the vehicle, the front of her body was against the vehicle. "He had his lower portion grinding against my back part. Basically, he was feeling me up. He went from my shoulders down to my bust, down to my hips while grinding behind me. I started to laugh because I was thinking how stupid an officer would have to be to do this."

She said she did not say anything because "I was afraid he was gonna hurt me. He is the fucking law. He could shoot me. He can do anything he wants." She said he touched her over her clothes "until my vagina. He slipped my underwear aside and stuck his fingers inside me" and said, 'Do you like that'." She said the last part was for "maybe a minute and a half." While he was doing this, with his free hand, she said he was holding a flashlight, trying to "blind traffic or Ruby" but then stopped, she  because of the cars going by on the highway.

"I decided to go along with whatever was going on in his crazy fucking mind." At this point, Mr. Issac stopped her and said, "You are upset and angry because of the  presence of certain people in Court but out of respect for the Court, please watch your language."

Jane Doe said that after Daniels did all of this, he asked if Ruby and she needed a ride home. He called over the radio and said, "he was doing a transfer".She did not want Ruby to be alone so she went in the car when Daniels dropped Ruby off at the Clarion motel. Then she wanted to get back to her boyfriend and so she was with Daniels in his car going back to Jacob Avenue. Daniels asked her to ride in the front seat with him and this is when he asked for a "blowjob" and she refused. At this point, she said that Daniels said to her,"Don't say anything about what we did because I could be in a lot of trouble."

When she got out of the car at her boyfriend's house, she said she was irritated because "I was taken advantage of."

Three months after the "incident" Jane Doe was in jail and she told her lawyer (Glenn Brown) of this incident after she saw Daniels in the hallway in the jail and then talked to District Attorney staff. Seeing Daniels made her feel unsafe and brought back memories of her being abused as a child. :I was molested when I was little."

On cross examination by Mr. Betts, Jane Doe repeated her account and was very consistent. Mr. Betts asked her about a statement to DA Investigator Kyla Baxley claiming she said, "it was okay" to Daniels when he was touching her.

Jane Doe said, "I didn't say it was okay. I was joking around, like in a porno. I was surprised." Jane Doe said Ruby told her that she saw what Daniels did to her and so did her boyfriend Jose but that he was jealous and told her, "Why don't you go back with that cop?"

On re-direct, she told Mr. Isaac that she stayed quiet because she did "not want to get anyone in trouble." She added, "as I learnt later that are lot of repercusssions from accusing a police officer."

Jane Doe testified about death threats  made to her by a "Chris" claiming to be Daniels' family, if she testified. She ended up in a car with this guy after she got out of jail and needed to make money and a friend of hers said, "she could hook her up with a guy." Mr. Issac said, "you mean sex for money?" Jane Doe said this Chris drove her to the woods for this gig and brought up Daniels and put "a gun to her head" and described the many ways he could kill her and this was by the Hoops waystation.

At the end of her testimony, Mr. Isaac asked her questions about each specific contact with Daniels asking her if she wanted him to do that and she emphatically said no.

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